Thursday, October 22, 2009

Slickrock Mountain Biking with #2

While we were in Moab, we went over and spent a little time at slickrock. It was the girls first time riding there but both #1 and #2 had a blast. We did the practice jeans. I only thought #2 was going to die 2, maybe 3 times.
This instructional video was made with T-Dub in mind but could not have been made without a generous contribution from Andee & Amy, my biggest fans.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Other Half Marathon in Moab

There are typically two different trains of thought when you here the words "Stake Conference".

The first is, "Well golly, what a wonderful chance to be spiritually fed."

The second is " Hell yea, a vacation without having to find a substitute to teach my 14 year old Sunday school class"
Last weekend, we went to Moab.
Megan ran The Other Half Marathon.
It was not a personal best time, but she loved the course, even if it had a difficult profile.
God put the uphill sections in just the right places, and the scenery was beautiful.
She posted her fastest mile for the last mile and was excited to finish strong.
After we gave her enough time to take a quick shower, we went and hiked around Arches for the rest of the day.
The next morning, we woke the kids up at 5:45 AM and hiked in the dark up to see the sun rise over Delicate Arch. When i proposed the idea the night before, i was expecting a lot more resistance, but everybody was in for it. Sure we paid for it on the drive home that afternoon with some tired kids, but it was worth it. They even asked if we could "Race the Sun" again when we went on our next vacation.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Heber CX Race

#1 dusted off her bike, put on some bling and threw down for her first cyclocross race of the season.
She pulled off a podium finish even though she doesn't do it to win. She just does it to have fun.
Big foot showed up wearing vans slip-ons and handing out the washingtons to the junior racers.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

CX season '09 begins with a painful bang

I was not first and i was not last
Moving up a category and doing 60 minutes instead of 45 is A LOT longer. At about 45 minutes, i started feeling some fatigue and started getting sloppy through the barriers. I made a little bobble and the guy right behind me ran up my back with his front chainring finding my calf.
Does anybody know how to tell if a wound is infected?We need moisture because breathing dust for 60 minutes can't be good for the respiratory system.
Fox was there handing out the Washington's and making it fun.
The Dr. strategically dropped off the back of the pack a little bit so it would be easier to grab the bills. He has heard that weddings are expensive so he is doing what he can to cash in.
Tip of the week: Don't change to a different kind of pedal right before a race. DC, shown here leading our pack, broke his collarbone in 3 places when he wasn't able to get out of his pedal coming into a barrier.