Sunday, July 27, 2008

Why Cyclist Shave Their Legs...more partial nudity

Another saturday, another race. I was hoping to be in better form this week since i did well in this race last year, but in the end i did not have much gas for the finishing mile uphill sprint for the line. i was glad to finish with the group this week and upright on my bike. Cousin Kevin had a bad finish for a second year in a row. Last year he got a new bike and it was not quite dialed in. This year, someone decided they wanted to take the line he had taken 300 meters from the finish.
It is not my intent to make this blog pornographic, but man is that going to be uncomfortable for the next week or 2.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Capital Reef/Torrey/Bakers Ranch *warning...partial nudity*

We packed up our huge family into the big rig on thursday afternoon and headed down to torrey, utah, just outside of capital reef national park so i could race my bike on friday and saturday. The races did not go as i had hoped but my DR. brother did well so i guess i should be happy for him.
I have always been in support of having 2 different categories for racing bikes. One set of categories for married with kids and another category for bachelors with part time jobs. He is riding really well right now and i can't take that away from him, but who is going to take care of him when he gets old , goes crazy and has to wear diapers?
the road race on saturday started in torrey in terrain like this
and climbed up to fish lake in terrain like this. the temps were mid 80's and bearable and aside from having too many hills and not enough ice cream trucks, it was a nice ride. They did shorten the last race from 100 miles to 86 so that was a welcome relief for my legs who were both tired after fridays time trial and circuit race.
the kids hiked up to some petroglyphs while i raced and had fun tearing up the wonderland inn, which wasn't nearly as magically as the name might lead on.

Saturday afternoon after the race was over we drove over to the ranch Trigger and Regi are living at.
the kids had a blast riding horses and learning to rope. Driving around in a tractor and eating 'smores and gathering bugs for a battle royal. #1 would have stayed there for the rest of her life if we would have let her. We ended up leaving monday afternoon so Trigger could go and compete in the days of 47 rodeo's wild cow milking event again. You can see his belt buckle in the picture below he won last year.

#2, #3 and Cassman who wears his hat and spurs all the time.

As i was taking pictures of things like the picture below, #3 comes up to me and we have this conversation.

#3: Dad i have something for you to take a picture of.
Me: what is it?
#3: it is behind my back.
Me: show me what it is.

She then proceeded to turn around and show me this.

What do you say to that?

Monday, July 14, 2008

sketch of the day

It is called:

Portly 8 fingered man wearing fairie, ballet outfit with double barrel, pump action, 20 gauge shotgun and a ski mask

Thursday, July 10, 2008

As You Wish

It is a good thing that computers are a passing fad and they will not be around when my kids are old enough to read my posts.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sketch of the Day 7.9.08

Today's Sketch is in honor of the tour de france which started 5 days ago in Brest, France. Aside from one of the top sprinters in the world being un-invited to participate a few weeks before the start for an out of competition positive result for Cocaine, the tour this year has been absent of the Drama of the last few far. 3 weeks is a long time for journalist to only concentrate on 190 guys riding their bikes. If they can't find some dirt on the riders, they usually make it up. It is exciting to watch as it unfolds now in this post Lance era where you don't know who is going to win. There is also something therapeutic about watching them pedal across France, especially as i lay in bed at night watching the 10 o'clock rebroadcast of the days stage. Which should not be confused with the 6:30 am live broadcast or the 10:30 am race action rebroadcast, the 12:30 race action rebroadcast, the 3:00 race action rebroadcast, or the 6:00 Prime time expanded coverage.
Either way, if done properly, it is a great healthy sport that is easier on your body than that miserable sport people call "Running".

"Oop... I almost forgot. I won't be able to make it fellas. Veronica and I trying this new fad called uh, jogging. I believe it's jogging or yogging. it might be a soft j. I'm not sure but apparently you just run for an extended period of time. It's supposed to be wild."
Ron Burgundy

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Independence Day 08

This independence day we stuck around the house instead of going to sugarhouse park as usual.
With the new baby and construction on the bridge down there, it was nice to be able to hang out here. I realize that by it's very name, the 4th of July has to be on the 4th of july, but it sure would be nice that for holidays that have fireworks involved, they would be held on days that get dark earlier. #1 woke up early and did a kids triathlon and took 2nd place winning a $20 gift card to TARGET. There was a parade with a float for the swim team. We had family over for a BBQ and did fireworks in the street in front of the house

On the 5th, i drove up to Ogden to pre-ride a race course for a race in August. We had 6 guys that went to ride the course. After parking by pineview resevoir and riding down ogden canyon, we rode north and up over north ogden pass. we started the descent back down where one of the guys that we were with was run off the road by a crazy old lady with large blonde hair, a fake tan and a convertible black corvette. We got to the bottom and she pulled up next to us and said that one of our friends stopped up near the top but there was nothing she could do to help him so she left. What she meant to say was "I just ran one of your friends of the road leaving him for dead"
He ended up getting 17 stitched in his chin which took the bulk of the impact, but he has road rash on most of his body.
The picture of the day is called "angry man with candy corn legs"