Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Megan's New Ride

Megan has been through a lot in the last little while and for all that she does for me and the kids, I thought it was time that I spoil her a little bit.
I went to the dealership and picked her up a cute little, brand new, 2011 jet black mercedes.

She was very excited and surprised and all of the kids love it. It gets good mileage and is fun to drive. This is the first, brand new car I have ever purchased but nothing is too good for my baby.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Life with twins one week later

Everyone came home together on the 4th of July and they are all healthy.
I'm pretty sure #5 and 6 are sleeping through the night already.
The older girls are a great help and even change diapers.
Neighbors and family have been great and have provided meatless meals this week (which is apparently tougher to do than i previously thought)
Megan is really milking this whole C-section thing to prevent her from doing any heavy lifting. What a lame excuse for getting out of yard work.
The twins have evened out in size and color so it is hard to tell the "Chips" from the "Salsa". A little dot from a Sharpie marker behind the left ear helps me keep track of them.

Friday, July 1, 2011


Over the past few weeks i have experienced some of the ups and downs of what this roller coaster we call life has to offer.
i spent some time on my bike.
I watched Luke run the leg of RAGNAR that Bunny ran a couple of years ago.
I watched the RAGNAR team my wife has run on for the last few years but couldn't this year because she was great with child.
I celebrated #4's 3rd birthday.

I saw a couple of great shows.
I cancelled a trip to Italy but Joey and chris still went and had a good time anyway.
I spent quality time with family and friends that i do not spend enough quality time with.

I watched my dad cry, but he was not alone.
I said goodbye to my mother and tried to convince myself that this was a good thing.
I said hello to #5 and #6 and and tried to convince myself that this was a good thing.