Friday, March 20, 2009

Advice for the Kids

I just finished reading the book "the last lecture". Yea , know what some of you are thinking. Lots of words. no pictures. How did i do it?
I read about 1 book a year, and although they usually have something to do with someone doing some amazing physical feat in real life (ie. beating cancer, having a testicle removed and then winning the tour de france several times, or running 262 miles without stopping) The Last Lecture was short, and an interesting concept. What would you say if you knew you were going to die in 3-6 months? Although he was full of himself, it was an interesting read. He mostly gave advice for his young children that wouldn't have a father growing up.
I got to thinking about what advice i would give my children.

For a while, our kids have eaten hot lunch at school some of the time, and cold lunch some of the time. Recently, we switched it so we send them with cold lunch every day but one. They get to choose from the menu what day it is that they want school lunch, but the rest of the time they get cold lunch from home. It is cheaper, but more importantly, it is healthier. I can't believe what they pass off as a meal at school now.

Nachos should not be considered Lunch!

When i was a kid, we used to get a full, healthy meal with green vegetables for school lunch. Now they get carnival food.
The kids make a menu with megan at the beginning of the week and she makes it for them every morning. They pick what fruits or vegetable they get, what kind of sandwich, What protein, what salty snack, and what kind of treat.
Since we were sending lunch from home, i started putting notes in their lunches with advice that will help them be better people.
As far as i know, i will not be dead in 3-6 months, so i don't have any deep meaningful insight into how they should live as they grow up. Really, i rarely have deep or meaningful thoughts anyway, but the advice i give them can help all of us be better people.

If you need advice for your kids, feel free to use these.
If you have any advice that i can give my kids, i would appreciate it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring might really be Here

i wanted to get up a couple more times before the snow was all gone.
i hiked up with BJ and a real doctor (the kind that actually helps people) and got first tracks on some untouched, pristine, crud. Spring skiing is great at around 2 in the afternoon. By 5, it has iced back over. I guess in these economic times, i can't complain about having a job i have to be at all day.It didn't make me feel too bad that the snow was crap since the first road race of the season was the next day.
i felt surprisingly good for the whole race until 4 laps to go when i broke a spoke, which knocked my wheel way out of true. I went and found a spare wheel and switched it out and hopped back in for the last 3 laps only to see the fake doctors chain brake with one lap to go.
Between the flat that TW got on the way riding out to Rocky mountain Raceway, and one of the guys that was riding out with us running into one of these, going down hard, and breaking his thumb. I was lucky that all i had was a broken spoke.Sunday was beautiful and 9:00 church is great for getting in an afternoon nap and still having time to get out and go for a family bike ride, while the sun is out.
This one got her first tooth.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Down South

We got the chance to spend a long weekend in St George with friends and family. We made fun of some people who deserved it, there was some bike riding,  some good food, some sore legs, Some HGH, some really good donuts, and some headwinds. the kids did some swimming inside and out, usually with swimsuits on.then there was some more bike riding

I am still waiting for the back rub that i earned by beating cousin kevin to the top of one of the climbs. Jenn didn't seem nearly as understanding about the whole idea as kevin thought she would be when we explained it to her after he lost.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jack and the Beanstalk

3 year old #3 retells the fairytale classic Jack and the beanstalk