Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring might really be Here

i wanted to get up a couple more times before the snow was all gone.
i hiked up with BJ and a real doctor (the kind that actually helps people) and got first tracks on some untouched, pristine, crud. Spring skiing is great at around 2 in the afternoon. By 5, it has iced back over. I guess in these economic times, i can't complain about having a job i have to be at all day.It didn't make me feel too bad that the snow was crap since the first road race of the season was the next day.
i felt surprisingly good for the whole race until 4 laps to go when i broke a spoke, which knocked my wheel way out of true. I went and found a spare wheel and switched it out and hopped back in for the last 3 laps only to see the fake doctors chain brake with one lap to go.
Between the flat that TW got on the way riding out to Rocky mountain Raceway, and one of the guys that was riding out with us running into one of these, going down hard, and breaking his thumb. I was lucky that all i had was a broken spoke.Sunday was beautiful and 9:00 church is great for getting in an afternoon nap and still having time to get out and go for a family bike ride, while the sun is out.
This one got her first tooth.


adam and angi bradley said...

In Matt's defense, this was a little unfair. I'm sure Mattman gets people that need help with their folklore questions all the time.

Lindsey Jaye Pope Parry said...

megan where is your helmet? What are you trying to teach your kids?

matt b. said...

Thank you Angi!! Ph.ds in Folklore are in great demand right now. BTW, i'm looking for summer work. does trigger need any help castrating cows or anything?