Sunday, August 31, 2008

Vintage Pictures

I spend lots of time in photoshop fixing pictures to look better or worse. I am not a good enough photographer to do it all in the camera so photoshop is my crutch.
I love the look of old vintage photos.
Megan's grandpa Allen died a few months ago and we went and cleaned out some of his house. He was the type of guy that kept everything but it was all neat and orderly (including the original mortgage note from his house at $4,500) He had stacks and stacks of photo albums with beautiful old pictures.

I collect a lot of things including wind up toys, old typewriters, bikes, daughters, and cameras. At this point i probably have 15-20 cameras. I have old vintage Kodak cameras, 120 medium format, 35mm and several digital for different purposes including a handful of different lenses for each. But with trying to get that old vintage look i spend lots of time doctoring them after i shoot the pictures.

I used to shoot lots of black and white 120 film in an old camera like this but the chemicals needed for developing it were a pain.

I found an old polaroid in the want ads and paid a few bucks for it and went and picked up some film at Pictureline. They told me that Polaroid went bankrupt again and the government will most likely not be bailing them out this time so what film they had in stock was probably all they will ever get. I only bought a few rolls because i wasn't even sure the camera worked.
Below are my first attempts at the polaroid transfers.

And here is the camera i found to take them with. It is not really the kind you can just slip in your pocket and go and is somewhat tempermental, but is fun to experiment with. #3 could barely even hold it up long enough for me to take this picture.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?

After squeeking by on yet another criminal background check, I have the chance to coach #1's soccer team again this season, and with most of the girls returning, it is fun to see them progress together. They moved to a bigger field this year but they still only have 8 players on the field so they are very tired after their games. I don't know who is in charge of picking out the color schemes for the uniforms but this is by far the best i have ever seen. Every time i see them in uniform, i can't help but make this connection.
They have picked the name "THE KILLER ELVES"

#2 started soccer last week as well, but her uniform is much less impressive.#3 didn't start soccer but she is very excited to start pre-school in 2 weeks.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


After a trip to Primary Childrens, a cathader, some dye, and some x-rays, it is determined that #3 has faulty plumbing. We can get her on daily antibiotics for the next 5 years and hope that she falls into the 25% that corrects itself, or we can go with the 99 % success rate surgery. I am currently looking online for instructions for a Do-it-yourself Ureter/Bladder reconstruction surgery. I think i can handle it. The doctor drew some pictures of what the surgery consists of on a dry erase board and it doesn't look too complicated. Besides, we have RONCO knives that are guaranteed to stay sharp for life so i could cut through a metal can and still have a sharp knife for the surgery.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

300 Warriors Ride

Let me start this off by saying that nobody likes being lied to, unless of course you are fat and wearing horizontal stripes and you ask if this shirt makes you look fat. Then sometimes people like being lied to. But when someone has an organized bike ride and they say it is 98 miles long and over 14,000 feet of elevation gain, you expect to climb 14,000 feet. When you get done and it was really only 9800, you feel somehow cheated.
It ended up being a small family reunion for me. Cousin Kevin, who rides with me all the time and we know each other very well was signed up. Mike the Hunter who married a cousin of mine, and bought someone elses spot at the last minute and was doing the ride as well. I have never ridden with Mike because he spends most of his time shooting things. Really, who goes bear hunting with a bow and arrow? I talked to the Hunter a few days before the ride and he was planning on going up and leaving water bottles in bushes along the route the night before. Having never ridden with the Hunter, he was a bit of a wild card and i figured we could either be leaving him at the start or he could leave us. It is very rare that 2 people are as similarly matched as Cousin Kevin and i are at riding. Cousin Johnny Rub came all the way from Tahoe to do feed for us and take care of us along the way. He had a few other reason for coming in town but this was the most important by far. Rick the principal came along as well for a training ride for LOTOJA and was seriously questioning whether this was a good idea at all. We figured he would be with us until the first major up climb up sundance and then we would climb at our own pace and slowly leave him since he gets a late start on his training for the summer riding season every year. It makes it tough when he is in school until the middle of June to get a good jump on it.
We were at park City Resort freezing and ready to go when they said a few words and then told us to filter out slowly and be careful. I left in a hurry because we had ridden a few miles from where we slept that night to the start and then stood around for a few minutes in 45 degree temps. I was just anxious to get going and warm up. As good looking as it is, spandex is not great cold weather clothing. With the temps expected to get up to the 90's i didn't want to be hauling around too much clothing either. Mike, Kevin and i ended up getting off quickly, and since it was a tour and not a race some people hung out in the parking lot until it lightened up a bit. I just wanted to warm up. The first couple climbs were a nice warm up but the 3 of us were in front of everybody by at least a minute. We made our way past the south of jordanelle and down to midway, where we hit a red light and a group behind us caught up as we waited for the light to change. I was happy for this since the next few miles were the only flat section of the whole route and it would be nice to have a big group to work together for the flat section. it turns out that the group that caught us didn't want to work so Kevin, Mike and i spent most of the time at the front working. Johnny Rub was waiting in Midway for us to get some food. We just rode by and told him to meet us at the bottom of the Sundance climb, since it was early and cold, i had hardly drank any of my liquids, so i was good for a while longer. We met John at the bottom of the climb and replaced bottles and took on some fuel. A few guys didn't take on anything and left us there. Cousin Kevin enjoying the Sundance climb

A few minutes up the Sundance climb, i got a phone call from principal Rick who we unintentionally left the first mile, saying that he blew out his tire back by deer creek resevoir and he had been trying to get a hold of me, and needed Johnny rub to come back and give him a new tire. I tried 6 or 8 times to get a hold of john but his phone or mine wasn't getting reception. A few miles up i finally got a hold of him and sent him back but at this point, mike had slowly climbed away from kevin and i, never to be seen again until Snowbird. Johnny Rub went back, but at this point someone had come by and taken pity on Rick and gave him a tire. Kevin and i climbed side by side the rest of the way up the Alpine Loop. We started the decent down American fork canyon. I did not know of the deal Cousin Kevin had made with his wife. Apparently she told him that she would not get overly upset when he buys expensive carbon fiber bike wheelsets without telling her first (he bought his second pair last week) if he descended down American Fork canyon like an 80 year old man who is on the brink of having his license revoked. He kept his part of the bargain. I left him near the top and expected him to catch me on the flats or at least on one of the next 2 climbs. On these longer rides, he usually gets stronger as i start to fade late in the ride. At the bottom of American Fork, I ended up running in to my brother, Dr. Storyteller, who left from his house an hour and a half after we left and rode the course backwards until he met up with us.
He turned around and rode with me up the back of the Suncrest Climb. I was wearing arm warmers and a vest going up this and started warming up quickly at this point. I called a firey redhead from Idaho who lives at the top of Suncrest to come out and meet me, so she came out to the 4 way stop, took my sweaty clothing as a raced by. Jose was also up there with drinks and food but i was still good at that point. My legs were starting to get on the verge of cramping at so i tried to ease off a little bit and let them recover. We rolled through Draper and headed to Wasatch Blvd and the wall. At this point i was getting low on liquids and luckily for me Jose leapfrogged us a bit and was on the side of the road with cold water and gel blocks.
The flat section along the top of wasatch blvd before the start of little cottonwood was enough to make the cramps subside little bit but not enough to have my legs stop feeling like the weighed 200 lbs each.
I started up little cottonwood and slowly climbed my way up. About half way up i was getting low on liquids again and was wishing i had a drink, when another, different, fiery redhead from Draper drove by with her family on their way up to the finish and cheered me on. I yelled at them for a drink and they pulled over and handed me some cold water as i rode by saving my life.No bike climb is complete without a Devil yelling at you on the 12% grades

I crawled my way to the finish and was done from start to finish in unofficially 5:41.
the weather couldn't have been better for us with a tailwind coming down american fork and a tailwind coming up little cottonwood. The Support and help i had along the way was amazing and i have to say i enjoyed it. Rick finished in style and even Johnny Rub, who has been working way too much lately, borrowed a bike of mine and parked at the bottom and rode up the last climb. This ride was easier than the 4 canyons we did last weekend and better than LOTOJA because it didn't have that annoying 100 miles of flat after the climbs.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

End of Swim Season Party

#1 and #2 had their end of season swim party where they received trophies and ribbons. We also got a print out of their individual times from each meet. #1 shaved 18 seconds off her time in the 25 meter freestyle from her first meet to her last meet. Let's see michael phelps shave that kind of time off his splits.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

For a Good Time Call Me

I have lots of fun activities planned for your next Saturday outing.
Yesterday we went on a bike ride and climbed Little Cottonwood, Big Cottonwood, Millcreek Canyon and Immigration Canyon. I had a few people that wanted in on the activity and started with us, but only cousin Kevin made it throught the whole DAY 'O FUN. Tyler the Robot had a family reunion he had to get to and the Dr. (seen below being compared to a pic of Bald Mountain from last saturdays ride) had his 20 year high school reunion he had to get to so he left us after Millcreek Canyon. Let me know if you want in on this coming Saturdays fun activities as i have something equally as exciting planned.
We met at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon at 7 and had tons of fun for the next 7 hours or so.Here is Cousin Kevin after completing all four canyons on our way back home looking extremely relieved that the climbing is over. Now it is just a short, flat, 15 mile bike through a 98 degree oven to get home.
We did run into a friend at the top of immigration that was run off the road last weekend in Kamas by this guy:Leaving $14,000 worth of a bike looking like thisAnd the worst part about it is that the Crazy that ran him of the road's insurance won't cover it because it was not considered an accident, it is instead a criminal act not covered under auto insurance.
read the article HERE.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

America's Second Fastest Growing Quiz Show Sensation

It's time to play america's second fastest growing quiz show sensation;


the hint for this installment of Name that Fecal Matter is that it was found on the roof of my house.

All entries should be submitted with a self addressed, stamped envelope and sent to:

Fecal Matter Quiz #1
8689 South 700 West
Sandy Utah 84070

The winner will be selected at random from all of the correct entries and receive this handsome shirt as well as a certificate of accomplishment for winning the prize.There was some debate in the marketing department about the shirt design for the winner of the contest. It looks like there was a naming contest much like at the zoo when a new polar bear is born and they have a contest to name the new bear cub. We are not looking for a name for the poop, we are loooking for the animal that left it on my roof.

Good Luck!

For those of you that can't get enough body humor, order your plush toys HERE.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Girl #4 is 7 weeks

Here are my initial reactions to having girl # 4 around the house.

She is generally quite pleasant to be around and was sleeping through the night the day we brought her home from the hospital. I am not sure where she is sneaking it from, but judging from her diapers, she loves yellow mustard.
Most of the time that she is awake, she has a deer in the headlights look.
She rarely talks back.
She likes to be in her swing and humors her 3 older sisters as they manhandle her while trying to hold her.
She says she is not interested in boys and wants to wait to start dating until she is done with medical school, which she plans on having paid by her full ride scholarships.

The top 10 songs Playing on her iPod right now are:
1. Georgia Lee - Tom Waits
2. Sodom South Georgia - Iron & Wine
3.Devil WEnt Down to Georgia - SHe prefers the Primus version because of the music video.
4.Sweet Georgia Brown - Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grapelli
5. Why Georgia - john Mayer
6. Georgia Brown - G. Love and Special Sauce
7.Georgia on my Mind - Ray Charles
8.Georgia Georgia - Elliot Smith
9.Rainy Night in Georgia - Hem
10.Going Back to Georgia - Nancy Griffith
She has not yet decided if she prefers road biking or mountain biking better and thinks she will really like cyclocross since it is a nice mix of both, but she will have to wait until this winter to try it out.
Here is a good picture of her working her way to the front of the group and drilling it on her new specialized SL2.
I am happy to have her around and will be even more happy when she tells me that she is getting married and wants to pay for the reception herself. (She will be a doctor at this point so i think it will be ok)