Sunday, August 3, 2008

Girl #4 is 7 weeks

Here are my initial reactions to having girl # 4 around the house.

She is generally quite pleasant to be around and was sleeping through the night the day we brought her home from the hospital. I am not sure where she is sneaking it from, but judging from her diapers, she loves yellow mustard.
Most of the time that she is awake, she has a deer in the headlights look.
She rarely talks back.
She likes to be in her swing and humors her 3 older sisters as they manhandle her while trying to hold her.
She says she is not interested in boys and wants to wait to start dating until she is done with medical school, which she plans on having paid by her full ride scholarships.

The top 10 songs Playing on her iPod right now are:
1. Georgia Lee - Tom Waits
2. Sodom South Georgia - Iron & Wine
3.Devil WEnt Down to Georgia - SHe prefers the Primus version because of the music video.
4.Sweet Georgia Brown - Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grapelli
5. Why Georgia - john Mayer
6. Georgia Brown - G. Love and Special Sauce
7.Georgia on my Mind - Ray Charles
8.Georgia Georgia - Elliot Smith
9.Rainy Night in Georgia - Hem
10.Going Back to Georgia - Nancy Griffith
She has not yet decided if she prefers road biking or mountain biking better and thinks she will really like cyclocross since it is a nice mix of both, but she will have to wait until this winter to try it out.
Here is a good picture of her working her way to the front of the group and drilling it on her new specialized SL2.
I am happy to have her around and will be even more happy when she tells me that she is getting married and wants to pay for the reception herself. (She will be a doctor at this point so i think it will be ok)


Megan said...

Can't get enough of her.

adam and angi bradley said...

She's so dang cute! Her smile is adorable!