Sunday, August 31, 2008

Vintage Pictures

I spend lots of time in photoshop fixing pictures to look better or worse. I am not a good enough photographer to do it all in the camera so photoshop is my crutch.
I love the look of old vintage photos.
Megan's grandpa Allen died a few months ago and we went and cleaned out some of his house. He was the type of guy that kept everything but it was all neat and orderly (including the original mortgage note from his house at $4,500) He had stacks and stacks of photo albums with beautiful old pictures.

I collect a lot of things including wind up toys, old typewriters, bikes, daughters, and cameras. At this point i probably have 15-20 cameras. I have old vintage Kodak cameras, 120 medium format, 35mm and several digital for different purposes including a handful of different lenses for each. But with trying to get that old vintage look i spend lots of time doctoring them after i shoot the pictures.

I used to shoot lots of black and white 120 film in an old camera like this but the chemicals needed for developing it were a pain.

I found an old polaroid in the want ads and paid a few bucks for it and went and picked up some film at Pictureline. They told me that Polaroid went bankrupt again and the government will most likely not be bailing them out this time so what film they had in stock was probably all they will ever get. I only bought a few rolls because i wasn't even sure the camera worked.
Below are my first attempts at the polaroid transfers.

And here is the camera i found to take them with. It is not really the kind you can just slip in your pocket and go and is somewhat tempermental, but is fun to experiment with. #3 could barely even hold it up long enough for me to take this picture.

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