Thursday, September 4, 2008

The best things about Daughters

At what point do you KNOW that one of your kids are "SPECIAL"?
Yes, those are Latex gloves she found somewhere so she could deliver the baby doll.

Top 10 best things about having only Daughters

1. No fathers and sons outings.
2. No maturation talks for me. It will be Megan's resposiblity since i don't know about girl's plumbing.
3.We will spend less time in the Emergency Room
4.When my daughters get old enough, i can trade them for cows, just like in Johnny Lingo
5.No Pinewood derby cars.
6.They can give me tips on how to get a smoother shave on my legs.
7.No one will ever say "Like father, Like son"
8. It will give me a chance to keep the shotgun that Megan gave me very clean, since i will be cleaning it every time they go on a date.
9.I will have 4 options for who will take care of me when i get old and start wearing diapers again.
10.Daughters never, ever fight and are always obedient.

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