Friday, September 19, 2008

#3's surgery

Before she went in to the hospital she was very happy...and angry...and sad.
After she got there, she got much more nervous. We tried to prep her on what was going to happen and how she would just go to the doctor and then go to sleep.
it reminded me a lot of this video.

She did wonderfully during her surgery.
Afterwards, she was a bit groggy, but the surgery went as well as they could have hoped and now we just need to go back in 4-6 weeks and have an ultrasound done to make sure it all worked out.Snuggling with #4 after they gave her a cocktail that made her drowsyAfter surgery before waking upAfter she woke up she got to ride in a wheelchair down to the car with her new sippy cup full of apple juice and her new tub (in case she threw up all of her apple juice in the car on the way home)


Mandy said...

Glad she made it through the surgery ok, and what a freaky video!!! But yet that is how if feels to try and convince them they will be ok.

Courtney said...

i'm glad to hear everything went well - i'm sure it would have been fine if you had done the surgery too.