Monday, September 22, 2008


With the surgery on Friday, i wasn't sure if i was going to race on saturday.
We gave #3 some pain meds at around 10:00 before she went to sleep and we were expecting to give her more every 4 hours as it wore off.
She slept through the night and woke up ready for action the next morning.
I packed up a couple bikes and headed for the Park City with the family.
The doctor (not my brother DR. storyteller, but the REAL M.D. kind of doctor) told us that she could do whatever she felt like doing except jumping on the tramp. When we got to Park City, she did just about everything but jump on a tramp. Little kids bounce back fast an she doesn't remember a whole lot so i guess that is good.

For those of you unfimiliar with cyclocross, it is a mix between road biking, mountain biking, cross country running and a mud fight. Megan prefers these races to all of the others i do because they are much more entertaining.
Our season runs from September through December.

The races are on a course that have paved sections, dirt roads, single track, jeep roads, grass, water, hills, logs, and then they throw some barriers you have to get off your bike and jump over just to make it more challenging. It is a closed course that you ride around several times and whoever rides around the most times, the fastest wins.

If Saturdays race was any indicator of how my season is going to go this year, i am in trouble. I always take 2 bikes to a cx race because these races are notoriously hard on equipment. About 4 laps into the race, i went around a corner and blew a tire and was thrown to the ground. I ran over and switched bikes. About a half a lap later, my rear derailleur and chain broke.
I realized that the front tire on that bike was still good so i ran back over and switched front wheels and rode the rest of the race. After the mechanicals i was going slower and figured it was because i had given up on pushing it too hard since breaking down twice. I realized about half way through the race that my 2 different front rims are different widths and my front brakes were going to be rubbing the rest of the race...a lot.
Megan really, really liked the acid washed jeans lycra this guy was sporting.

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