Friday, July 1, 2011


Over the past few weeks i have experienced some of the ups and downs of what this roller coaster we call life has to offer.
i spent some time on my bike.
I watched Luke run the leg of RAGNAR that Bunny ran a couple of years ago.
I watched the RAGNAR team my wife has run on for the last few years but couldn't this year because she was great with child.
I celebrated #4's 3rd birthday.

I saw a couple of great shows.
I cancelled a trip to Italy but Joey and chris still went and had a good time anyway.
I spent quality time with family and friends that i do not spend enough quality time with.

I watched my dad cry, but he was not alone.
I said goodbye to my mother and tried to convince myself that this was a good thing.
I said hello to #5 and #6 and and tried to convince myself that this was a good thing.


Mandy said...

I always love the photos you take but that one of your dad and Luke is especially touching. It's a great family picture and the one of your new babies is perfect.
May you find comfort in the passing of your mother and find joy in being the dad to 6 girls.

Alisha Joy said...

Beautiful recap. Love your family. Sending loving light your way.