Monday, May 2, 2011

Huntington Beach-Worst Vacation Ever!

A few months ago, we generously invited to a surprise birthday party for Lindsey. I have seen some of her online videos and thought they were mildly amusing but i had not actually spent much time getting to know her. She was cousin john's wife, so i figured she couldn't be that bad. The catch was that the party was in Huntington Beach. First off, what an inconvenience. Chuck-E-Cheese is 10 minutes from my house and would have been much cheaper and i would not have this rash in my nether region.
I packed up the kids and my pregnant wife and we made the long voyage down to California.
When we got there, I realized that vacationing with the Parry's is not pleasant at all.
They are extremely MEAN people. They are always yelling and threatening people.
Luckily i had a camera with an expensive lens to document some of what i am talking about.
You be the judge. Here is John repeatedly hitting baby Maggie in the head with a shovel and then laughing about itHere is Mark showing what happens if you disagree with a Parry. Notice his ARMY visor he got after working out with the army on the beach earlier that day.Someone ate Lindsey's Cheetos and would not admit it so they took all of the kids and buried them up to their necks in sand and left them there for 7 hours without food, water or sunscreen. You can see how #2 was starting to go crazy after a few hours of this.Here is Kevin yelling at one of the kids because they said they were hungry and wondered if they were going to get lunch that day.
Kevin made it quite clear that no, they were not getting lunch that day.Here is Layla when she asked her mom if she could get into the pool and play with the other kids. Her mom told her to be quiet and keep rubbing her feet.I asked Maia what happened when her dad comes home from work and the house is messy and she showed me how he spanks her. When Maggie was tired and ready for a nap and started to whimper, the Parry's started throwing her around and yelling at her telling her that she better be quiet or they would give her something to cry about. Here is Todd explaining to a very interested John how to tap someone on the shoulder and then when they turn around, you smash dog feces in their face.
Oh, was also #3's 6th birthday while we were down there and she got an awesome kite with a kitten on it from Lindsey's Mom.

If you are ever asked to go on vacation with the Parry's, even if it sounds like fun and you can get a good deal on a room, I suggest you pass. My #4 still can't sleep with any covers on because she has flashbacks of being buried in the sand and left.


johnnyrub said...

you forgot to add on the ride home how georgia pee'd on you because there wasn't a bathroom.

Lindsey Jaye Parry said...

Hey, that's not my mean face that is just how my face looks.