Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Capital Reef/Torrey/Bakers Ranch *warning...partial nudity*

We packed up our huge family into the big rig on thursday afternoon and headed down to torrey, utah, just outside of capital reef national park so i could race my bike on friday and saturday. The races did not go as i had hoped but my DR. brother did well so i guess i should be happy for him.
I have always been in support of having 2 different categories for racing bikes. One set of categories for married with kids and another category for bachelors with part time jobs. He is riding really well right now and i can't take that away from him, but who is going to take care of him when he gets old , goes crazy and has to wear diapers?
the road race on saturday started in torrey in terrain like this
and climbed up to fish lake in terrain like this. the temps were mid 80's and bearable and aside from having too many hills and not enough ice cream trucks, it was a nice ride. They did shorten the last race from 100 miles to 86 so that was a welcome relief for my legs who were both tired after fridays time trial and circuit race.
the kids hiked up to some petroglyphs while i raced and had fun tearing up the wonderland inn, which wasn't nearly as magically as the name might lead on.

Saturday afternoon after the race was over we drove over to the ranch Trigger and Regi are living at.
the kids had a blast riding horses and learning to rope. Driving around in a tractor and eating 'smores and gathering bugs for a battle royal. #1 would have stayed there for the rest of her life if we would have let her. We ended up leaving monday afternoon so Trigger could go and compete in the days of 47 rodeo's wild cow milking event again. You can see his belt buckle in the picture below he won last year.

#2, #3 and Cassman who wears his hat and spurs all the time.

As i was taking pictures of things like the picture below, #3 comes up to me and we have this conversation.

#3: Dad i have something for you to take a picture of.
Me: what is it?
#3: it is behind my back.
Me: show me what it is.

She then proceeded to turn around and show me this.

What do you say to that?


matt b. said...

when i'm old, crazy, and incontinent i plan on moving in with you.

and thanks for pulling me back to the group after the flat.

Megan said...

I love her buns.

adam and angi bradley said...

No, Cassidy did not teach her to do that!!!