Thursday, July 3, 2008

Independence Day 08

This independence day we stuck around the house instead of going to sugarhouse park as usual.
With the new baby and construction on the bridge down there, it was nice to be able to hang out here. I realize that by it's very name, the 4th of July has to be on the 4th of july, but it sure would be nice that for holidays that have fireworks involved, they would be held on days that get dark earlier. #1 woke up early and did a kids triathlon and took 2nd place winning a $20 gift card to TARGET. There was a parade with a float for the swim team. We had family over for a BBQ and did fireworks in the street in front of the house

On the 5th, i drove up to Ogden to pre-ride a race course for a race in August. We had 6 guys that went to ride the course. After parking by pineview resevoir and riding down ogden canyon, we rode north and up over north ogden pass. we started the descent back down where one of the guys that we were with was run off the road by a crazy old lady with large blonde hair, a fake tan and a convertible black corvette. We got to the bottom and she pulled up next to us and said that one of our friends stopped up near the top but there was nothing she could do to help him so she left. What she meant to say was "I just ran one of your friends of the road leaving him for dead"
He ended up getting 17 stitched in his chin which took the bulk of the impact, but he has road rash on most of his body.
The picture of the day is called "angry man with candy corn legs"

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