Monday, December 17, 2007

After the wedding reception, traditionally a portion of the wedding cake may be stored, and eaten by the couple at their first wedding anniversary, or at the christening of their first child. Sometimes this portion is the top tier, and sometimes a portion of the piece from which the bride and groom fed each other, depending on the local customs.

This is Jim. his wife saved some cake but they forgot about it and it stayed in the back of the freezer for a few years.
After nine years, instead of eating it together, we took it out and jim shot it with his 12 gauge.
I am not sure what this says about their marriage.

thanks again for the shotgun you got me for my birthday megan.

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Merry Parrys said...

It's been a couple of days. I'm sure it's just a mild case of writers block. Nothing to be ashamed of really, it happens to the best of us. Well not me, but I've heard about it from other people. I've rounded up some inspiration for you... write away.