Monday, December 22, 2008

{SPOILER} Party with Santa {SPOILER}

Parents may or may not want to filter this post from theirs kids.(Ashley)
The Doctor finally, finally finished his degree in storytelling.
With that, he and my dad went back to his commencement and got stuck in weather and airports and did not make it back, so we had Nanny over for Sunday brunch.
That evening we went and had a family party with Nanny's side and we were visited by a bearded man in a red suit.

Uncle Luke: "Hey Bunny, did you bring a present for Santa to give to Clare?"
My 6 year old #2 standing nearby and overhearing everything: "Oh, so that's how it works"

Thanks Luke!

After the party, we had to pull #1 and #2 aside and inform them that the real Santa was very busy this time of year trying to make it to lots of parties and finishing up with toys and things and could not make it to our party, so a neighbor dressed up and came to the party for us. We assured them that the real Santa would make it to our house on Christmas Eve.

#2 told me she could tell it wasn't the real Santa because he had to pull his beard up a couple times.

I guess we deserve this since we have been busy and up late the last couple nights and the tooth fairy has bypassed our house for 2 nights in a row.

Still, I can't wait to tell Lukes daughter how babies are made.

#2, #3 and cousin Nitnee observing the chaos

I did it. I whole post without mention of a bike.

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Sean and Ashley Tanner Family said...

Thanks for the warning. The girls can start checking your blog again in a while.