Monday, June 8, 2009

From One Season to the Next

We are transitioning right now from the soccer pitch to the swimming pool. It is great that i have 4 of the most non-competitive daughters in the world and they always want to do competitive sports. They have fun and it gives us something to do with our evenings (every single evening of the week) Swimming keeps them active and gets them out of megan's hair for almost 2 hours a day. since they are on year round school and don't get out until July 3rd, their swim practice is everyday after school.
#1 wanted to go swimming with me the other day so we could race. I don't think i am up to that kind of humiliation right now.
It was bad enough when i did my first triathlon several years ago. Even though i told her not to come, megan insisted on coming just to make sure i made it out of Echo reservoir alive. When the women's heat that started five minutes after the men's heat started coming out of the water, and i still wasn't out, megan started to panic a little bit. Although my swimming merit badge couldn't have prepared me for an open water swim with 150 other swimmers, i did get it, and i did finish the triathlon....barely. I know how to swim well enough to get from the back of a water ski boat to the end of a ski rope.
I don't need to know that my 9 year old daughter can swim faster than me.

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