Monday, January 4, 2010

Bringing in the New Year with Red Dye #5

We got an invite to spend New Years Eve in the Uintas with Russell & Co.

See the father and son matching tongues

A "Short Cut" getting there almost left us stuck in the middle of nowhere in a snowdrift. Luckily we had enough firearms and ammo to feed and clothe our families for at least a year.
With some digging, we got out, turned around and drove the "Long way" through some of Evanstons' nicer trailer parks and up the back route.
After a short ride in a snowcat (where do you even buy a snowcat) we made our way to the cabin. We spent a couple days sledding, snowmobiling, doing ziplines and playing card games that may or may not have involved removing articles of clothing with a losing hand.
Hey Nancy, have you been working out?

No stitches or broken bones and i consider it a successful weekend
When we left Saturday afternoon, we had gotten through a 1.9 pound package of swedish fish and almost all of the 5 pound package of gummy bears.
Red dye #5 and food grade carnauba wax never tasted so good.