Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why you should NOT go Mountain Biking with Cousin Kevin aka the Green Hornet

I am embarrassed to admit that aside from an occasional race, i have never really mountain biked in Park City. It never fit in with my schedule. I was always crunched for time with my bike rides, so driving an hour before i even started riding was tough to justify. This weekend we had someone offer us their condo at Deer Valley so we jumped on it. Cousin Kevin was up there too so he and I met up early monday morning and went for a ride starting at Deer Valley's mid mountain lifts. We cruised up the recommended uphill route which turned out to be a lame service road.
We came back down homeward bound and Kevin insisted on riding as many of the freestyle features as he could find. We got back to the bottom and talked to someone and they pointed us up the mid mountain trail and up team big bear. Kevin had to be back for his pedicure at 11 so we ran out of time. Instead of coming back down the way we came up, Kevin thought it would be better and faster if we blazed our own trail back.
With loose rock and 45 degree angles, your brakes actually don't do any good. It was only after we finally made our way back onto a trail that Kevin decided to pull his junk out and relieve himself, much to the surprise of the guy that came around the corner a few seconds later.
Here is some video of Kevin on one of the freestyle features. You tell me if he rides like an 8 year old little girl.


Boom Goes the Dynamite said...

nice how your daughter does a face plant and you don't even move a muscle. Just stay put and make sure the camera is rolling...I need to learn some serious parenting skills from you I think.

matt b. said...

wow! i thought i was a bad descender, but i think even though i have been passed by 8 year old girls on descents i might even be faster than cousin kevin!!

Zach, relax, the artist is just
"ferberizing" his daughters!