Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tour of Utah 2011 Photo Recap

Here are some of my favorite pics of the event.
levi warming up
levi prologue
dave z as goofy as ever
Henao finishing his TT and losing the yellow jersey to levi
Tejay taking off like rocket and winning the TT on his 23rd birthday
Tejay getting some NuSKin Love
Tejay warming up for the prologue
Lots of salty sweat
Slyfox handing out some washington's and some benjamin's to the riders, team cars, course marshals, police escorts and fans
levi chasing at the capital
George bored while waiting for the start of the Ogden stage
George's serious veins
The only time the peloton was together on the downtown circuit race
levi finishing his tt that was good enough to move him into the yellow jersey
ben king at the prologue
The Columbian's celebrating. Considering that i had never even heard of these guys a week ago, they did a great job of animating the race.
Levi and Janez celebrating at Snowbird
BFF's at the end of stage 5. Henao threw everything he had at levi but still couldn't shake him.
Levi and his very relieved parents At the end
Steve put on a world class event
Stacks of the winners jersey's a the end waiting to be signed.

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Erin Bradley said...

Seth, you're good!

Really, such great pictures.