Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dwight Schrute for President

It is too late for him to make a serious run this election but i think by 2012, he could be a very viable candidate. Those of you that are familiar with Dwight already know that he is very active in the community with many volunteer efforts and successful fund raising efforts. He is very serious about the war on drugs and security. He is an extremely hard worker and very loyal. He hasn't been in Washington for a lifetime like many of the candidates, so he doesn't have to repay all of the favors to the big business that donated to his campaign to ge him elected. He has great leadership ability and won't be afraid to go in there and clean house. He has survival skills that could come in handy. Although he hasn't served in the military, he does have experience with hand to hand combat. He is in great health and will be the type of no B.S. president this country needs in this time of uncertainty and fear.

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Merry Parrys said...

Now I'm conflicted. Do I go with who Seth endorses or who Chuck Norris endorses?