Friday, January 11, 2008

New Years Resolutions

In light of the new year, i have come up with a few new years resolutions.
most people have some sort of resolutions every year but this year i have decided to make some for other people. It makes me feel better about my own life when i point out things that others need to improve on.

Craig Bradley: Stop eating double cheeseburgers with a large side of fries and double dipping sauce. At least you drink diet coke so you won't have those extra unwanted calories.

Luke bradley: you need to work on being less awesome. Being as awesome as you are, it makes everybody around you feel inferior. i think the picture below proves my point.
Zach bradley: Feed the warrior 20 lbs. You feed the warrior by training the body to respond to the mind. Pain is temporary, quiting is forever! If you want i can show you how to kill the coward within.

Quinn bradley: Go to the bathroom in the toilet, diapers are expensive.

Sara sargent: Learn to play "More than words" on the guitar.

Matt bradley: Stop being a Man-Whore & trim your ear hairs occasionally. You shave your whole head, face and legs, how much longer could it take to do your ears?

Olivia bradley: learn long division.

Kevin tanner: get a date with a real girl.

Zoe bradley: quit bugging olivia

Megan bradley: You don't need to improve on anything. you complete me.

Adam bradley: do they have anger management classes in your neck of the woods? and stop helping the livestock over the fence.

Bryce Johnson: dust off that bike, you are going to ride it more than 3 times this year and you might even learn how to fix a flat.

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