Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dead Dogs

I love to paint and do it when i can. Last night i painted some walls brown, which is 6 years of art school hard at work. A lot of the time i don't find time to paint for myself because it is a lot easier to lay around and watch Scrubs re-runs. I love it when someone commissions me to do a painting for them because it makes me paint and i realize how much i love it 30 seconds after i pick up the brush. Over the last few months, several of the paintings i have done are for people who knows someone who's dog has died and wanted to give them a gift. Much like an actor gets typecast, i have been typecast as a dead dog painter. I have really enjoyed doing the paintings because i get to paint and dogs are a fun subject, and then i also do the woodworking and make the frame, but it is a little weird, don't you think? Maybe i will start advertising in veterinarian waiting rooms.

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