Friday, May 30, 2008

Mtn Bike Race

#1 did her first Mountian Bike race on wednesday night. The race was supposed to happen on memorial day but it got rained out. That gave us a chance on tuesday night to go over and pre-ride her course and she had a blast, but i can't believe how much this girl can talk. For the whole hour we rode, she did not stop talking. Towards the end of our ride she was talking about getting home and taking a nice warm bath with the lights off and nobody bothering her while she just relaxes. Wednesday night she went back and raced in the 9 and under class. She did great but was "VERY SWEATY" afterwards. We found her a biking shirt in her size and she was so glad becasue it had pockets in the back so she could put some fruit snacks back there for her ride. I raced the expert class and was glad i did not take last place.

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