Monday, June 2, 2008

Wind Up Toys

I started a wind up toy collection a few years ago. The girls get them for me for birthday or christmas presents. I usually try to find one when we go on vacation.
Some friends have bought some for me along the way for different reasons. When i did my first triathlon, a friend from work got this one for me. Apparently she heard what a terrible swimmer i am.
I had another "friend" give this to me but i am not sure why.
I look on ebay from time to time and find reproductions of the old tin style wind ups and especially look for bikes or motorcycles.
I was looking on ebay the other day and found this one for sale.It ended up selling for $9,700.

Usually the wind up toys i buy on ebay end up costing less than the shipping, but for this one, the shipping was a reasonable $9 with an optional insurance of $1.65. What a bargain.

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