Monday, June 30, 2008

34, holy crap that is old!

A week and a half ago i got a letter in the mail saying i was to report for jury duty on June 30th.
Luckily the phone call on friday said the case was dismissed.
I woke up and had a nice mtn bike ride and came home to some presents including a new wind up toy airplane.
then i rode with #1 & 2 to school.
i went to work for a few hours and had bagels (luckily they did not order cafe rio this time)
a couple weeks ago i got a gift certificate in the mail from DSW that was good for $10 off any purchase over $25.
I went to the store and realized i forgot the coupon. I asked a clerk if they had anyway of pulling it up but they didn't. I found a pair of shoes that were $55.95 and decided to get them anyway. When i went to check out, they rang up at 80% off and ended up costing $11.96 after tax. I would have lost money if i didn't buy them. Luckily they are completely different than any other pair of shoes i already have. See the new shoes on the right and the older shoes i have on the left.
Apparently somewhere along the way i have developed an obsession for athletic shoes. At $11 a pair things could be worse.
When i got home there were hot snickerdoodles waiting and i really should not have eaten that 4th cookie.
We got some pizza and went to the girls swim meet for a couple hours where #2 didn't have to hold onto the lane lines at all on her freestyle this week and she competed in the backstroke for the first time.
I went and caught most of my soccer game that we lost 3-2 but got to run back and forth in 90 degree temps for almost 90 mins.

I had many calls and well wishes and even a package from Long John Leather Couch full of magazine clippings that looked like the picture on the right. Happy birthday to me.

#4 did not wish me happy birthday or get me any presents.

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