Monday, June 16, 2008

4's a crowd

In trying to streamline things, we try and bathe the 3 girls together most nights before they go to bed. Almost every night, someone ends up crying in the tub. 3 normal sized kids is a lot to fit in 1 normal sized tub. Tomorrow morning megan is going in to give birth to #4. It seems like she has been pregnant forever with this one. Maybe it is just because i feel so bad that she took up running after having #3 and she hasn't been able to run for the last several months. As i ride my bike around and see people riding and running, i feel a little guilty. She has been able to workout at the gym and walk up until this morning. Walking around 9 months pregnant and being able to take off and run for a couple hours are very different i'm sure. She was dialated to a 2+ at her last checkup. get a ruler out and look at 10 cm and then think about the size of a babies head. OUCH. Wish her luck.

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Mandy said...

Good luck tomorrow. We hope labor and delivery are quick and not too painful!