Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Top 10 relatively clean reasons Megan is better than my bikes

1. I cannot get any of my bikes to make homemade cookies

2.I have not figured out how to get my bikes to reproduce.

3. I did not have to bid and win Megan on eBay.

4. Spooning with my bikes is uncomfortable, awkward and if taken a couple steps further, illegal in some countries. see the article here

5. After spending 7 straight hours with megan, my butt doesn't hurt.

6.I don't need different versions of Megan for different terrain.

7. I don't have to wear spandex to hang out with Megan.

8. Megan has never given me a rash in my crotch.

9. If i have a friend come in from out of town and wants to go for a ride, very few of them would even dare ask to take megan.

10. Megan completes me.


Merry Parrys said...

I think you have overlooked the fact that Megan was less expensive to get and to maintain.

megan said...

No, you don't "have" to wear spandex, but it takes a strong woman to resist her hubby when he's walking around the house post ride, in nothing but bibs.