Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This picture says it all.
it is official. another girl.
everything went well during delivery.
we didn't go in until 10 AM.
we sat around for a long time. watched a discovery channel show on a haunted house.
sat around some more.
they broke her water and gave her an epidural at around 1.
she was going slow so they gave her some pitosin a few hours later.
in the past they have given her petosin and she doesn't do much until they break her water and then she goes real fast. this time she wanted to try breaking her water without the petosin.
apparently it takes both for her to give birth.the baby was born just before 6 PM and was 7 lbs 6 oz and 20 inches.
megan only had to push a couple times and aside from not having eaten in 24 hours felt good.
#3 has named the baby jessica, but we have not named her yet. Megan thinks if we name her Jessica she will probably fall down a well at some point in her life.
Everyone is healthy and happy .I have started looking through the want ads trying to find a boy dog.


Courtney said...

Baby #4 is going to love this post when she grows up. Congrats!

Jacqui said...

Congrats on Georgia. Thanks for posting all this info. You have the cutest set of blonde girls on the block.

dad of one said...

she is such a doll and she a cute one to