Tuesday, October 21, 2008

California 08

The nice thing about having a blog is that i can post all of our pics for the year here and i will not have to do an elaborate Christmas card again this year.
Had a great time in Southern California with the in-laws for a week.
We got a beach house near San Juan Capistrano. We could walk out the back door and get right into the ocean. I am still amazed at how long kids can stay entertained by digging in sand.

We spent 2 magical days of fun and magic at the very special, magical place of special, wonderful, magic called Disneyland. The kids loved it and the lines were not as long as other times i have been, but i still have trouble waiting in line for 30 minutes for a 3 minute ride. And what's the deal with that log ride? does that thing ever work?
#1 finally getting on the log ride on day 2 after it being broken for all of the first day we were there and had fast passes to ride it.

We learned something new about the kids.

#3 is a chicken on rides and #2 is a daredevil. #2 wanted to go on everything and was really upset when she wasn't tall enough to go on indiana jones. Her favorite was the tower of terror.

2 of my greatest loves in this world combined.

A conversation:

#3: Hey K-Bone, will you carry me on your shoulders?

K-Bone: Sure!

As K-Bone bends down and lifts her up and sits her upon his shoulders:

#3: I am only a little bit wet.

Ever since her surgery, her bladder is not working at 100%. I think they might have gone in and shrunk it while they were in there. Try doing a 12 hour drive with a child who can't go more than 20 minutes without going to the bathroom. She only went to the bathroom on my hand on the side of the road once this trip.
#4 traveled wonderfully and we didn't have to stop for her to go to the bathroom

A couple of pictures taken with a lensbaby
I got a new camera online and was glad it showed up in the mail the day we left. It is a HOLGA and is quite possible the crappiest camera ever made. And that is the point. It takes wonderful dreamlike pictures, but you have very little control over much of anything. I got a polaroid attachment for the back but it is made to shoot medium format 120 film. It is completely plastic including the lens and they suggest you use tape on the seems to prevent unwanted light from coming in. Yes, i did take 2 bags full of camera equipment and used all of it.
I bought a skim board and tried that out. It did not go well. I will post videos of that later. Apparently the beach you skim board on makes a big difference.



matt b. said...

the best thing about blogs is that i don't even have to really talk to you or see you anymore. i can just read your blog to see how everything's going. sure is a lot easier than actually having to carry on an awkward conversation at a family dinner.

Erin Bradley said...

Love the video of Quinn on the ride. Afton watched it over, and over, and over again (which meant I had to as well). However I'm sure she was not as big of a wuss as Afton was.

Megan said...

how fake was that first scream?!

adam and angi bradley said...

I miss your munchkins so bad!