Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Harvest Moon Iron Chef Competition and Dance Party

The Doctor bought our house several years ago and turned most of the yard into a giant vegetable/cutting garden. He is in his late 30's, is not married, loves gardening and has a hot tub. HMMMMMMMMM?
Anyway, with fall setting in and the temps dropping, he was afraid that he would have frozen crops that would not get used. He had an idea, no, let's call it a vision. To have people take his crops and turn them into something delicious and edible. He contacted all of his friends and they both seemed excited. He contacted some family members and Megan loves to cook so of course she was on board. The hook was, he would give you a bag full of produce and then 24 hours before the competition, he would release the secret ingredient that must be used in every dish.
The secret ingredient was pumpkin. But not canned pumpkin. Canned pumpkin would result in immediate DQ. After some research, we found out that there are different kinds of pumpkins and we didn't grow the right kind, so Megan went and bought some sugar pumpkins and we started looking for recipes. We spent sunday afternoon cooking and baking and prepping for a great time.#3 and Nanny waiting for go time

#2 wore her dancing outfit and practiced her moves before dinner

#4 drooled but didn't end up eating anything

The savory spread

The dessert spread

The competition trying to intimidate us with heckling and pointing

Everyone ended up a winner in some category or another including the winners of Best Crossover Dish also known as Best soup-like dish of Indian decent incorporating a musical instrument.

Megan came in as a heavy favorite in the competition because she has a FLOG (food blog) but we were very pleasantly surprised by the vast selection and diversity in all of the dishes. We all left full and enlightened.
I will now have to introduce my wife as "The Award Winning Cook, Megan"

It is best that i don't mention the Dance part of the evening for eveyone's sake.

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