Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ground Control to Major Tom

After our luck last Christmas, we haven't brought ourselves to get a new hampster. But on Saturday, I kind of wished we had one. We spent the night on Friday making rockets to shoot off. Unfortunately, because we didn't have a hampster we had to shoot them all unmanned. Saturday was a beautiful, blue sky day with no wind, so it made recovery of the rockets a little too easy for the girls and their friends that came to watch/help.#4 was not impressed by any of it.

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ALISHA JOY said...

WOW you blog! I am soooo impressed. I'm not trying to be a blog stalker . . . okay I am, I admit it. Anyway, you have a beautiful family and it looks like all is well. I'll let you know when Jed starts a "" =). If you all have any interest in perusing our blog email me at and I will invite you.