Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Utah Avalanche Danger Rating Scale

The Utah Avalanche Center has a Danger rating scale for the backcountry that tells you how stable the snow conditions are for backcountry recreating.

It goes like this:


Looking at this scale, Megan is thinking, "Moderate" sounds dangerous, "Considerable" sounds like there is a 90-95% death rate, "High" is a suicide missions where i will probably trigger a slide and bury a small villiage containing a school filled with underprivelledged children and "Extreme" is where i could trigger an avalanche in a parking garage and take out most of the wasatch front. So to help Megan out a little bit, i came up with another rating system that may make more sense and put her mind at ease a little bit so she can quit looking here whenever i want to go backcountry skiing.

Mine goes like this:

My legs are tired from my workout yesterday so i am going to take the day off. Why don't you go for a long run today and i will get the kids ready for school
I have a big project at work so if i get enough done, i might try and head out
If i can find someone to go with, i am going to head up
Do you want me to take #4 in a backpack when i go so you can get things done around the house?
I am going to go for a bike ride instead

The fact that a bunch of snowmobilers keep getting lost and buried in the backcountry doesn't help my case much.
Still, it was a beautiful morning and good to get out again after a few years off.

Looking across the canyon
The view the other direction

The view down


Megan said...

check this out. instead of back"country" skiing, you could go back"yard" skiing. that could be fun. invite your friends.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Seth- Thanks for the call.....whatever.

There is a group heading out tomorrow EARLY am to ski in Cardiac Bowl (backside of Superior).

Let me know if you are in. Meeting at 5:30 at base of LCC

Miss Amanda Jones said...

If you do in fact hurt yourself could make sure you don't injure whichever hand it is that you draw with? I'd hate to have to pick up your slack at work...

adam and angi bradley said...

You are crazy!