Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hell of the North

With the weather, you would think it was cyclocross season again.
snow was falling, there was mud and the race was short and fast.
This is Utah's attempt at a mimicking the Europeans spring classics. We don't have any cobblestones in the state so instead we do a circuit race over gravel and mud.
Our team controlled my race, but since most of us were riding cyclocross bikes, i didn't have the gearing for the final sprint. It was a gamble on which bike to go with. Ride a road bike and have the gearing but risk having a mechanical or go with a cx bike and have more clearance for the mud but be geared wrong. If i had really cared about the results, i would have put a standard crank on my cx bike...but i didn't.
That being said, i was happy with the team work and my finish was much better than last year so i will take it.
the lesson learned by some the hard way is not to give your keys to the guy that is going to be starting after you even if you don't think he is going to finish, because you could be standing there wet, cold and muddy for 45 minutes waiting for him to get back to the car. Also, if you are borrowing a bike, check the seat height before you get to the starting line. Especially if the guy you are borrowing the bike from is 2 inches taller than you.
apparently i got my summer haircut a few weeks too early

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Megan said...

Dad you were covered in mud Olivia