Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weiners, Weiners, Weiners

I am still the only one with a weiner around here. To celebrate this we had WEINER WEEK. The girls cooked weiners over an open fire in the back yard on one of the days that it wasn't raining.
#3 wore her "I'm a weiner" shirt more than once.
We dog-sat Erin's weiner dog while they went out of town for the week to some fabulous, warm vacation with topless beaches.
The girls love Stella and fought about who got to sleep with her every night. They are all off track right now so they have been sleeping on the floor in a big puppy pile in a different location of the house every night anyway. Stella would get lost under the covers and nestle up in someone's crotch for the night.
On the Friday nightly news, we saw that the weiner mobile was going to be in Murray on Saturday. What better way to wrap up weiner week than to go and see the weiner mobile. Apparently it is on tour across the country visiting winners of an essay contest. We didn't know about the contest before hand so we were not able to enter the contest but we were able to go and see it and get on and look around inside. They let me sit down and honk the horn but would not let me actually drive it. Since i married a banker years ago i rarely carry cash anymore, but i wish i had a benjamin in my wallet to slip the guy so he would let me race it around the block a few times.#2 lost a tooth and left it under her pillow the night they slept on the floor in the living room. The tooth fairy forgets to take the teeth in our house A LOT. When #2 woke up the next morning to find her tooth still under her pillow, she was a upset. We told her that the tooth fairy probably didn't know where she was sleeping last night so that is why she wasn't left money. She wanted to know why the tooth fairy knew when people lost a tooth, but not where they were sleeping.


matt b. said...

umm, maybe you should use "lap" rather than "crotch."

ALISHA JOY said...

I can't believe I missed the weinermobile!! Wow . . . you got to tour it. LUCKY!