Friday, May 1, 2009

#3 makes 3 for 3 for me so far

I am 3 for 3 so far with daughters that don't have a competitive bone in their body.
We went and watched #3's first soccer game. She is on a team with her best friend/cousin Afton. #3 was quite concerned with how her cousin was going to do through the game so she spent most of the time running right behind Afton with her hand on the small of Afton's back making sure Afton was doing ok.
Neither of them actually touched the ball but they had fun and of course the highlight of the evening was getting soccer treats. #3 has watched her older sisters get soccer treats for years now. Occasionally if she stands around after the treats have been given to all of the players looking like a cross between a homeless cute puppy and a vulture, she is given any extras.
But last night was her night.
Her turn to dance around eating her treats while her sisters looked on in hungry envy. We are hoping that next time she will actually make contact with the ball.
My mom came and watched the game with us and i drove her home afterwards. One of the girls asked my mom how i was at soccer when i was a kid. She said i was mediocre when i got a little older but i was really bad when i was young. She said i was too busy trying to dig my way to China to care about the game. My mom has started telling lies lately. I think this is one of them.

It is not my intent to make every post about #3, but she is so damn funny right now.


family said...

quinn you are so good at soccer almost as good as me.asoum dudet.asoouum duuuudddeeett

Erin Bradley said...

Seth YOU are so damn funny! You got me laughing pretty good on this one and the weiner week one.
I actually feel alot safer with my little Afton out there knowing that Quinn is there to keep an eye on her every step of the way:) Pretty dang cute!!!