Thursday, May 28, 2009

4th Place is Awesome!

Last fall at LOTOJA, i thought i finished 2nd place, but 2 guys got off the front of our group that we didn't know about, so i ended up 4th. This started a chain reaction for my placement for the road racing season.

One spot off the podium.

LOTOJA '08 - 4th
Hell of the North - 4th
East canyon-we are not counting this race.
Antelope Island - 4th- but i was bumped to 8th
state crit - 4th (2 guys got off the front that we didn't know about and were lost among the lappers so i thought i was 2nd and really placed 4th... again)
Sugarhouse crit - i raced this twice. Once in the cat 4's and once in the masters 35+b's. I placed 4th in both races.

I can't complain about 4th place, because it is still better than i did most of last year, but a podium finish would be cool one of these days.
Here is a picture of me after one of the Sugarhouse races crying.
It's ok, if you look in the background, i think the Robot is crying with me.


Heather said...

You cry?

Tommy said...

moral of the story...START PAYING ATTENTION! Dood there is no reason for you to not know about guys off the front.