Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Independence day 09

What a great idea to have Friday the 3rd off .
That i way i can get in a 90 mile bike ride and not feel guilty about missing parades and fireworks on the 4th.Sure i still got in a short mtn bike ride on the 4th, but that was after the triathlon we did as a family and after the Parade the girls were in but before the neighbors BBQ and then the other party and then later, the fireworks.
Megan ended up beating me by about 10 seconds in the triathlon even though i wore my super aero helmet and cool triathlon shirt and rode my TT bike.
After doing the triathlon on Saturday Morning, it reconfirmed by belief that the farthest anyone should swim is from the back of a boat to the end of the water ski rope.
#2 is the smartest kid in her class, or so her teacher told her when she asked her. But those brains don't always apply to street smarts. Like when you are doing sparklers in the street in front of your house, the smart kids were all wearing shoes. #2 was not and stepped on a firework. We have been told that 2nd degree burns usually don't scar.

As the Simpson's counsel us:
"Celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it."


Megan said...

I gained that ten second advantage on account of you hauled two kids in a bike trailer and pushed two kids in a jog stroller. Way to go me.

Megan said...

my foot look's d-scust-ing I hardley want to look at it