Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pioneer Day Weekend

Megan got up REALLY early and went and ran the des news 10k. She was happy about the run until she found out she missed her goal of doing it sub 50 mins by 8 seconds. It was kind of a flashback to her Snow Canyon half last fall. The rest of us slept in since she was done before 7:00 am. We got in a nice hike with the kids and ran into a couple of these eating 10 feet from the trail. Cousin Afton wanted to ride the moose but wasn't sure how to get on it's back.
If you haven't been up a canyon lately, all of the wildflowers are in full bloom so hurry.Lit some stuff on fire and #4 had a great time watching it burn After the incident on the 4th of July, we ended up getting glow sticks instead of sparklers

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matt b. said...

Why does megan have the deer-in-the-headlight look? was this pic taken before or after she realized she missed her goal by 8 secs?