Sunday, November 9, 2008

Snow Canyon 1/2 Marathon

We went to St George with some friends (this term is used loosely) and spent some time hanging out before Megan, Lil' Joe and Big Dan ran the Snow Canyon Half Marathon on Saturday. It was nice enough weather that the kids swam for a while and we went and played on some rocks. I got in a couple bike rides in shorts and short sleeves and it was great to come home and see snow on the ground in our yard.
#4 discovered her hands and stayed entertained for hoursLil' Joe doing his best reenactment of his voyage through the birth canalHere are the feet Megan used to do the RunningMegan had a goal to do it in under 2 hours since this was her first half marathon since giving birth 4 months ago. She missed her goal by 11 seconds but was happy with her performance considering it was a hard course and HOT! Lil' Joe was very proud of the shirt he made for this event. In case you can't read it it says "Do Not Resuscitate" His wife wanted him to put in small letters under it just big enough for the EMT's to read, "Just kidding, I have a wife and 3 children, Please Resuscitate"


matt b. said...

Is Megan wearing a "skort"?

Megan said...

no, just very billowy shorts