Sunday, November 2, 2008

#1's Saturday Bike Race

After Megan got back from her morning run, we packed up the car and headed out for a cx race at Rocky Mountain Raceway. After the circumstances not being good for the last few weeks, #1 was ready to make her debut this year.  A friend named Taylor (you can see Taylor's knees from after her race here) won a pair of biking shorts that didn't fit, so she gave them to #1 and she was very excited to look like a real biker, but wanted to know when she was going to get the pedals that her shoes hook on to. 
It was a challenging course with lots of miserable gravel that #1 tried to ride, but ended up walking most of it. She loved the bumps and jumps on the motocross track section, which makes me think that maybe she should try BMX.  She finished 3rd in her category, which was good for her first CX race this year. I will not tell how many girls were in her category. When the race started, a lot of the kids raced away and as i rode beside #1, she said she wanted to save some of her energy for the 2nd lap.After starting near the back of the pack of around 45 riders and moving my way up to a mediocre finish in the "B" race i pulled out the single speed bike and raced again. i was glad that before the race this week i was able to find a 17 tooth rear cog. After looking around on the friday before the race last week for a different gear and not being able to find one and riding last weeks SS race with a 22 t and having my cadence around 140 on the long flat sections, the 17 t was suited much better for the course. I didn't finish last in either race so i guess i got that going for me.

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