Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Weekend without Megan

Megan got to spend some time back down in St George this last weekend with some of my extended family.
She had a great time doing whatever it is that girls do. I think there was some shopping, some crafting, a pillow fight in their underwear, some gossip and some boy talk.

The rest of us spent the weekend up at my parents helping with my mom since my dad was out of town. Saturday morning we made it to wheeler farm for a bike race. We took some bread and the girls fed the ducks and geese while i was riding. While i was doing a warm up lap, i rode by and saw #3 crying. I stopped and asked what was wrong. She was positive that the overly aggressive geese that were bigger than her, were going to eat her. I told them to go and look at the pigs because they were in a cage and couldn't eat anybody.
Between my 2 races, #1 did the junior race and killed it getting 1st in her category. Her margin of victory would have been much larger except it took her a good 60 seconds to get her bike over this barrier.