Sunday, August 30, 2009

Top of Utah Half Marathon

Another fun weekend vacation in a crappy 1 star motel to attend a race of some kind.If you can't read the giant sign that was made, it says "WOW, MOM!"

The #1 fans gave out lots of sweaty high fives at mile 9.

I have commented to Megan several times about how biking is superior to running and you can easily tell by looking at the peoples faces that are doing each sport. Runners almost always look like they are in pain and on the brink of death where cyclist, on the other hand are usually smiling and look like they are having a great time.
In this picture, Megan made a conscious effort to make it look like she was having a good time.

It's amazing the lengths she will go to to get an hour and forty seven minutes to herself. It was a new PB.
In order of appearance from left to right:
1.The Clydesdale who decided to forgo any running the whole week before and instead supplemented his training with several homemade cookies every night instead.
2.The wife of the clydesdale who did a great job on her first ever half marathon
3.axl rose's much faster and much cuter female counterpart
4.The bake-a-holic
5.the suburban cowgirl who finally got a pair of real running shoes
6.the running sixpack who is 9 weeks great with child
7. the sucker husband that had nothing better to do on saturday morning.


Lorraine Bush said...

Seth, you never cease to amaze us with your humor. Thanks for being our friend!!


Heather said...

I actually had to google that dude to see who he was. I had no idea I have a look alike out there!

Lindsey Jaye Pope Parry said...

Well lindsey and I better accomplish something rewarding before November or we might be hanging out by ourselves because all of you will be to embarrassed to be seen with us.

Erin Bradley said...

Sure was fun! Thanks for taking all the pics....especially since I look really good after rolling out of bed and running 13 miles:)