Tuesday, September 8, 2009

#3 goes to school

It is a strange concept for me to tell my kids when they are doing something bad that if they don't shape up, i won't let them go to school...it works though.
They love it and i am ok with that. At least they are not smoking crack.
#3's first day is a teddy bear party. She is very excited because this year she goes for 3 days a week.


Katie said...

i love her dress! how fun!

Writer Mama said...

Megan, that dress is to die for. So cute! Thanks for recommending Jill. McQueen brings his teddy tomorrow.

PS I love the Megan's Recipe's tag. You should make the html code(or whatever the heck it is) available for others to put on their blog. It'd put it on mine! It's my favorite recipe site.