Monday, March 8, 2010

Bike Races and Weight Loss

The 2010 road race season started on Saturday.
When i walked out my door to head to the race, i still had 5 inches of snow in my yard.
It was fitting considering last weekends rides in St George.
The wind was enough to keep all of the early breakaways from sticking and everybody was a bit tentative after not having ridden at intensity or in a group for 5 months.
A 4 man break got off with a few laps to go. With 1 lap to go, the break dropped to 3 men and the barely held it to the line. I was in good position coming around the last corner for a mid season race, but this early in the season, no one can hold their sprint for very long and i ended up getting out front way too early and burning up.
Lil bills dad came out and did his first race ever and caught the bug. He did very well and hung on until a half a lap to go. I remember being dropped from my first several crits at around the halfway point, so to be able to hang on until the final lap on his first race is great.

I thought i was on doing fairly well with my weight after the holidays for the upcoming race season until i went and bought a REAL scale and stopped using the $7 scale we got several years ago. I was off by about 7 lbs.... in the wrong direction.
The doctor is worse off than me in trying to lose weight for this race season, and is going to very extreme measures to do it. He decided that he would just scrape off large areas of excess skin in hopes of getting down to his race weight. It seems a bit extreme and painful if you ask me.
The Dr. and DC also have a bet that they need to be down to their goal weight by May 1st. If they are not to their goal weight by then, the other one gets to pick out and outfit for the loser to wear on our next big group ride.
I have money on neither of them making their goal weight so i am picking out some sweet princess dress ups for both of them.
Stay tuned for when and where they will be prancing around in sparkles and tiaras.

There are times as a cyclist, you have to question your masculinity.
I wear spandex that leaves nothing to the imagination, i shave my legs, I worry about my weight and have started eating more salads than burritos. I have several pairs of expensive leather shoes and i have become increasingly conscious of the fact that lots of times, my shirt, shorts and socks have all matched each other.
I guess the only response i have for this is that i still love my wife very much and have never found another man to be attractive, whatsoever.

But still, i can' t help but be a little insecure when i find myself looking twice at another guys legs, and i'm not even a leg guy.

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adam and angi bradley said...

We sure miss you guys! Good luck on the next race!!