Thursday, April 15, 2010


This video is mostly so she can remember what life was like when she turned 8.


angi bradley said...

Oh I love her! Did she get our birthday card yet? I'm really bad at remembering to call, so I've been doing the card thing. I think I mailed hers too late though, so she probably won't get it until today or tomorrow.

Erin Bradley said...


We sure like you Liv!!!

Tayler Jae said...

Holy cow she is so dang cute...and I'm pretty sure she is smarter than me, and definitely a better singer!!:)

Happy Birthday Livi, love ya! :)

Sean and Ashley Tanner Family said...

We thought it was so funny when you said your happiest time was when you got your DSI. Then you had to confess of why you had it taken away. We loved your singing! (and the song)
Love Em and Anna