Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The big 3-0

Conversation at dinner last night.

Me: Do any of you know what special day it is tomorrow?
#2 excitedly: Yes! it is uncle G G's birthday.
Me: You're right. Is it anybody else's birthday that we know?

blank stares and crickets chirping

Me: Do any of you remember that it's your mother's birthday?

I guess i am not very good at building up for birthdays.
The kids were all disappointed that there would be no singing gorillas with balloons.

At least they remembered Jeremiah's birthday.

Happy 30th Megan


Lindsey Jaye Parry said...

I can see why your children all come out looking the same, it's because you are their mom (although only one kinda looks like Seth so the sperm is still up for debate)

happy birthday Megan, I like you the bestest and I hope your birthday has many many guilt free desserts in it. (more specifically, like seven)

megan said...

Thanks guys.

To be thirty again.

angi bradley said...

I had to do a double take because I wasn't sure if the picture was of Zoe or Megan. Happy Birthday Megan! Did you get our card? I picked it, just for you.

megan said...

Thanks, Ang. I love the card. I have it displayed on the mantel. Seth keeps turning it around though, something about it making his eyes burn. :)

Erin Bradley said...

that is really funny (if your not megan). if it makes megan feel any better every time i said anything about miah's bday she would say "and megan's".

you married a good one seth!

Erin Bradley said...

whoops, when i wrote she, i meant afton.