Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cat:Part 2

About 18 hours after taking the cat home, i was on a mountain bike ride and got a phone call from home. Megan rarely calls me on my bike rides unless i am a couple hours late and i knew i wasn't late yet, so i thought it was weird.
It was #1 and this was our conversation:

*sniff* dad *sniff*
*sniff**sniff* can you make some lost cat posters?*sniff*
*sniff*the cat is gone*sniff*
I can make them when i get home, but i won't be home for a couple of hours.
*sniff* okay, thanks *sniff*
I love you, i'm sorry, i will see you in a little while.

I couldn't help but think about THIS

I finished my ride and loaded up the bike and drove home.
As we were pulling into my street, we ran into #1 who apparently couldn't wait for me to come home and make the posters. She was hanging her own lost cat sign on the light post at the end of the street. We hadn't had the cat long enough to have pictures so it was mostly just a poster with text, a description, and a phone number.
We did have the little piece of paper that was on the outside of the cage at the humane society that had a small black and white picture of the cat with the sex, age, description etc.
The girls ended up taking that to about 100 houses in our neighborhood, knocking doors and asking if they had seen the cat.
Since it was going to be an outside cat, we kept the cat in the garage, but somehow it had escaped.
Not more than 18 hours after we brought it home, we already lost our cat.

I talked to Lil bills dad to see if the cat showed up at their house, looking for her sister.
He told me with his infinite wisdom of having given up his masculinity years ago to open a can of tuna fish and put it by the garage door. It has a strong odor and cats like it.
30 seconds after opening the can, the kids could hear meows. #3 came running in and told me that they could hear the cat but couldn't find her. I walked out in the garage and she was sitting under my table saw.
Apparently she never ran away at all but had been hiding for the last 4 hours out of fear of being loved to death.
Her sister cat may die of a similar fate.
On sunday afternoon, we went to my parents for dinner and took the cat up to see her sister. As we were leaving, the cat ran and hid behind some boxes and wouldn't come out. I guess Megan is going to be going to Costco and buying Tuna in bulk.
I have ordered the Tabby Tote, but it won't be in for a few days.
Hopefully this will make it easier to not lose the cat.


Lindsey Jaye Parry said...

These might come in handy in your family-


Boom Goes the Dynamite said...

All I know is that if I hadn't given you that brilliant tuna idea you would have a house full of crying girls...no I don't know how many pink shirts I own, but that has nothing to do with my masculinity...right?

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Pure gold.