Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cyclocross 2010 #1

It is a little hard to get excited about cyclocross racing when it is 91 degrees outside. That was the temperature of last Saturday's race. I really love the muddy, dirty, wet races. I just wish i had a mechanic to clean my bike afterwards.
I achieved my goal of not taking last place. It was hard and fast and i didn't have the kick to stay with the lead group....or the 2nd or 3rd chase groups. It has been a long biking season and i am caught between my mind wanting to go and race
hard, but mentally my body just wants to lay around eating megan's baking.
The loss of daylight is making it tougher to get out and ride during the week which makes getting into the Pain cave and staying there for 60 minutes hard. Maybe i will just change my diet and start eating spanish beef.
Lil Bills dad was supposed to start his cyclocross career on Saturday, but after taking him out and doing a few practice laps on the course, he decided to lay down in a goat head patch. We both thought it wise for him to practice a little more before strapping on that number.
This weekend i will miss the race but for a good reason.
If you are not doing anything Saturday morning, come and run, jog, walk, crawl, scoot or hop with us. You may be thinking to yourself, 3.2 miles is so far, i couldn't possible run that far. My 1 legged, pirate brother is doing it, so unless you had both of your legs cut off, your excuse is lame.

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matt b. said...

Who you callin' "lame"?